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PAVRO is excited to announce the LiVE! “Leaders in Volunteer Engagement” conference - and our Theme is; Creating Connections

May 14 and 15th at Centennial College in Scarborough, ON. 

Speaker RFP deadline extended to March 12, 2020!!

Speaker Opportunities

We are seeking concrete tools and resources for participants to be able to implement as soon as they get back to the office! This can take the form of strategic plan, training plan, recruitment plan, setting up on-line tools, providing questions, etc.

• 90-minute presentation

• 30+ attendees

• Interactive presentations

• Must follow into one of the following themes

• Must be available after presentation for a ‘Connecting to Coach’ in the common hallway.


The theme of this year’s conference is: Creating Connections. Presenters will need to provide relevant content reflective of our theme as well as have professional development geared toward managing and leading volunteers or volunteer programs. In attendance will be volunteer coordinators, managers and directors with various levels of experience and years of service.

Topic areas:

1. Creating a Connected Environment:

    • How to connect to a large volunteer program
    • Staying connected to virtual volunteers or volunteers who are off site or in rural areas
    • Connecting with different age groups and cultures and their motivation for being volunteer
    • How to connect with the right volunteer and connect them to the right role
    • Creating opportunities to connect with existing volunteers and utilizing what talents are existing within the volunteer program as well as utilizing internal and external relationships.

2. Collaboration in Action:

• Strategic or practical partnerships with other non-profits, developing relationships with municipalities, educational institutions or corporations, joint recruitment campaigns with other non-profit organizations or volunteer centres
• Developing networks for policy development, and collaborative leadership

3. Creating the Right Connections:

• Screening for proper fit, managing virtual volunteers’ connections, creating a connected environment within large volunteers’ programs
• Difficult conversations with volunteers, connecting with and recruiting the right volunteers
• Evaluating your volunteer program – it is connected to your mission, strategic planning, volunteer-staff relationships, connections and networks are important
• Volunteer managers you don’t have to do this alone and connecting with yourself - making the most of your strengths/mitigating your limits

4. Connecting Innovations and Emerging Trends:

• The use of social media, diversity in all its forms, youth engagement, social marketing, fundraising ideas to support volunteer programs
• Using technology, addressing shifts in how people want to be engaged in their communities
• How to connect volunteer motivation to organization mission and transfer them from episodic to leaders.

5. Connecting and Changing – is it possible?

• Helping volunteers to deal with change, even when we don’t agree with new processes
• How to facilitate staff and volunteer relationships to be effective
• Developing new volunteer roles and how to make them successful
• Creating new partnerships while holding volunteers accountable

6. Connecting to our Mission / Reconnecting to Best Practices:

• Is your volunteer program aligned with your mission, do you have a volunteer philosophy and do your roles reflect mission, vision and values?
• Does your volunteer program need to be re-aligned using the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement?
• Reviewing the National Occupational Standards processes. What documents you should have, need, auditing tools and resources.
• Best practices from past experiences, and 10 top documents you should never be without. Some examples of workshops in volunteer management could include screening, aging volunteers, managing virtual volunteers, difficult conversations with volunteers, the revised Canadian Code for Volunteer involvement.

Click here to read complete RFP details.

Deadline for Proposals: March 12, 2020. 

Please submit proposals electronically or direct any question regarding this RFP to the attention of Sharon Hudson-Alipanopoulos hudsonalipanopouloss@ontarioshores.caPlease indicate Creating Connections Conference speaker proposals in the subject line of the e-mail.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and interest.


Tuesday, May 14

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