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Details on 2022 SVOS coming soon! 


Administrative Fees:

PAVRO Members: $0 

Non-Members: $175.00 

Survey Fees: (Applies to PAVRO members and non-members) 

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure data validity when preparing the final survey report,   A MINIMUM OF 50 VOLUNTEERS is needed to participate.  

The cost of this on-line benchmarked survey is substantially less than employee/patient surveys. The fee is $2 per volunteer invited into the survey at a minimum of $300 to a maximum of $1750. To keep this service affordable, we have maintained the same $2 pp rate since the start of the SVOS in 2007. 

  • 50 - 150 invited* volunteers = $300 (this is the minimum fee required to conduct the survey)
  • 151 - 875 invited volunteers = $2 per volunteer
  • 876+ invited volunteers = $1,750 ( this is a maximum fee)
*Invited volunteers refers to the number of volunteers you invite to take the survey. You are invoiced per invited volunteers and not for the number who actually follow through with taking the survey.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at pavro@pavro.on.ca or call 416-907-1007.

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