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CVA Certification

The PAVRO Board of Directors is pleased to announce that on March 30th, 2022 the membership approved a partnership with the CCVA in offering the Certificate of Volunteer Administration (CVA) to PAVRO members. At the same time, PAVRO’s existing Certification Committee will continue to recertify current CVRM holders. 

The recording of the meeting is available upon request. You can also check out additional information on our Certification FAQ page.

This exciting new partnership will allow all active PAVRO members interested in pursuing this designation to register for the CVA exam at the CCVA partner discount rate for the two 2024 exam periods in April and October. Current CVRM holders are eligible to bypass the usual CVA application process and simply sign up for the exam. 

Please log into your PAVRO account to access the CVA How to Apply page and the recording of our member-only CVA info session.

CVA Study Group

NEW: Thinking about writing your CVA exam in April 2024? Join our study group to get ready with your peers! The CVA Study Group is brought to you by Volunteer Toronto and PAVRO. The study group will provide you with a wealth of resources across the key competencies of volunteer engagement, along with many tools to help you learn and study, including:

  • A wealth of resources on the eight volunteer administrator competencies
  • 5 live discussions (via Zoom) diving into key topics and experiences
  • Considerations and examples from the world of volunteer engagement
  • Interactive self-assessment tool to determine your areas of strength and growth
  • A multiple choice example test to help you practice the exam-writing experience

Registration fee for the February to April 2024 cycle:

  • $50 for PAVRO Members, AVA Members, Ontario Volunteer Centre Network members and Volunteer Toronto Subscribers
  • $100 regular rate

Registration your interest at Volunteer Toronto/PAVRO CVA Study Group 

CVA Information Session - Dates:

Want to learn more about the CVA and certification process?  Hear from current CVAs in our next information session, and bring all your questions. Register now at

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