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1:1 Mentee/Mentor Opportunities

This program offers an opportunity for PAVRO members to connect to work on a specific topic or project. One of the advantages that PAVRO can provide in offering a mentor program is the ability to connect you with the diverse and various expertise and experiences of a strong core of members from across the province.

As a mentee you can :

● Increase your confidence and ability to perform your role

● Develop additional skills and knowledge

● Benefit from personalized, one-on-one support from an experienced 
professional in volunteer administration

● Develop your depth of skills

● Broaden your network and reduce isolation

● Receive helpful tips and techniques from experienced professionals
on how to develop your program and meet the National Occupational Standards

As a mentor you can:

● Engage with, and give back to, your professional community

● Further develop your leadership and coaching skills

● Improve your professional profile and build upon your resume/CV

● Support and guide a colleague

● Realize personal satisfaction through sharing knowledge, skills and experience


There are many factors that contribute to a positive and successful mentor/mentee relationship. Before submitting your Statement of Interest ensure you are:

● Able to commit to up to 6 months of professional development 

● Able to commit to regularly scheduled check-ins. The mentor and mentee will determine frequency, method and duration.

● Able to commit to being prepared for each meeting

● An active PAVRO member

● Willing to complete a program evaluation 

Each Statement of Interest will be assessed on an individual basis. Below are some factors that are taken into consideration when matching mentors and mentees. Since the matching process is complex, we do our best to set the partners up for success but not all criteria can be guaranteed.

● Compatibility between the mentees topic or project and the mentors expertise and experiences

● Similarities in the types of organizations where the partners work or have worked

Statement of Interest

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or mentee, please complete the Statement of Interest Form 

Once received a member of the Mentorship Committee will be in touch with you to discuss next steps.

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