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Certificate in Volunteer Resource Management 

Facilitating and advocating for our members to be professionally certified is a key pillar of our mission as a professional association. PAVRO has offered a certification program (the CVRM) to members since 2000. PAVRO's certification program was one of many in Canada, developed and implemented in the absence of an international certification program. Interest in PAVRO’s certification and recertification has waned in recent years while the number of holders of the International Certification in Volunteer Administration (CVA) has grown quite rapidly in Ontario over that same time. The situation called for a strategic review and in 2021 we held a town hall and follow-up survey, the results of which can be viewed here. 

PAVRO Members have come to a consensus and have ratified the following resolutions on Wednesday, March 30, 2022 

1.     PAVRO will partner with the CCVA in offering the CVA to our membership at a discounted members rate. 

2.     We will be discontinuing new CVRM certifications after June 30, 2022 and continue to offer Re-certifications only for members wishing to maintain their current CVRM designation, as long as we have a Certification Committee willing to adjudicate the applications. 

CVRM Recertification Eligibility

To apply for recertification you must be a current member of PAVRO in good standing and meet the requirements listed in the guidelines.

Recertification Fees

Recertification is required every three years at a cost of $50 + $6.50 (HST).

1.    Carefully read the Recertification Designation Guideline and Written Papers Guidelines that you will also receive in your confirmation email after payment. 

2.    Complete and email the Recertification Application along with any required documentation (Word format only please) to:

Application Payment 

Make your payment (Recertification only)>> Pay Online

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