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Certification in Volunteer Resource Management (CVRM)

Certified members join a select group of professionals who are recognized for their experience, commitment to ongoing development and who continue to demonstrate a breadth of knowledge and proficiency required to be successful as Volunteer Engagement professionals. Employers are increasingly recognizing the importance of certification as a means of hiring the talent they are looking for.

Each individual who is certified promotes a wider recognition and respect for the high level of professionalism in Volunteer Engagement.

A Certificate in Volunteer Resource Management is:

  • Meaningful - Standards that go beyond provincial to reflect national standards
  • Appropriate - Streamlined and concise requirements
  • Efficient - No requirements that involve travelling
  • Effective - Certified members are recognized for their achievements
  • Value added - Employers increasingly recognize the importance of certification as a means of hiring the specific talent they are looking
  • Motivating - Re-certification is required every three years giving you the incentive to continue your education and stay current in best practices in Volunteer Engagement

The content of the certification is kept up to date to reflect the most current legislation and resources. In addition, based on member feedback, we have provided more opportunities to collect leadership points to put towards your certification.

The CVRM Certification does not require you to write an exam. Instead the certification process focuses on allowing you to demonstrate your practical experience, commitment to the profession and your professional development participation.

The CVRM certification is not currently recognized outside of Ontario. Anyone who has successfully completed the CVRM certification can use the "CVRM" initials after their name.

For more information watch our introduction to Certification Designation video slideshow below.  

Visit Certification Application to apply! 

Still have questions? Please contact or call 416-907-1007 for more details.

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