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The Linda Buchanan Award

Do you know someone who has made a difference?

Linda Buchanan

The Linda Buchanan Award is given to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of volunteer engagement. It is named after Linda Buchanan, a visionary of human capacity and a pursuer of community improvement. Linda served as a Village Councillor in Port Stanley and was the first recipient of the award in 1991. She inspired those around her to reach new heights and helped individuals realize their potential in their own unique way. Linda was a family person, a mentor and a friend to many people. She was a professional and above all, she was proud to be herself in a most natural way.

Just a short seven years after Linda was awarded for her contribution to volunteer administration, she was taken away from us in a tragic car accident. Earlier on in that fateful day she had been kite-flying with a number of volunteers. The activity of kite-flying is a fitting example of Linda’s zest for life, optimism and vision for new heights. To commemorate her lasting legacy, PAVRO renamed the Outstanding Administrator Award in her honour and memory.

Nominations are invited each year from our membership - a colleague who deserves this special recognition, an administrator who has inspired and mentored, someone who has strengthened the volunteer force in their organization or community.

The winner of each year's Award will serve on the Awards Selection Committee for the following year.

Nominations Now Open!  Deadline to submit is Monday, October 18th 2021. 

Linda Buchanan Award Nomination Form


Join us in congratulating the recipient of the 2020 Linda Buchanan Award - Charmaine Cades


Charmaine is currently the Manager, Volunteer Program at the Children’s Aid of the District of Thunder Bay

Charmaine has demonstrated and outstanding contributions to the field of volunteer administration for over 30 years. She is currently the Manager of Volunteers Resources at the Children’s Aid Society of District of Thunder Bay. She has demonstrated a commitment to excellence throughout her career as a leader of volunteers with a strong focus on mentorship and advocating for the profession.

Charmaine’s began her career in Volunteer Management at St. Joseph’s Heritage, Bethammi - Long Term Care Nursing home. There she was a pioneer, developing the volunteer program from start to finish on a provincial Trillium Grant, in addition to coordinating recreational programming. Her work led to a newly created full time Coordinator of Volunteer Services position at the end of the one year Trillium grant. She then moved to a position with the Hogarth Westmount Hospital where she assumed the role of Clinical Manager, Volunteer/Recreation Services; supporting the work of 7 full time staff in the Recreation Department, the Hospital Auxiliary, Hair Salon and the Volunteer Program. In this role she became an advocate, educating others about the importance of having a professionally led Volunteer Program and the impact it has on the people served.

She is currently Manager, Volunteer Program for Children’s Aid Society of District of Thunder Bay. In this position, Charmaine advocated for a title change from Coordinator to Manager, advocated the position be changed from part time to full time, and to be a member of organizational dialogues at the Senior Administrative, Management and Board of Directors level. She was successful on all these recommendations. In this new role, she educated the Board of Directors about the importance of adopting the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement (CCVI). Charmaine has also demonstrated a commitment to education and accepted a teaching opportunity at Confederation College of Applied Arts and Technology in Thunder Bay with the Recreation Leadership Program and also supervised Recreation student placements as part of this role taking the opportunity to educate the students she worked with about the importance of engaging volunteers in assisting with Recreation Therapy programs.

Outside of her professional roles, Charmaine engaged a community team of volunteers to lobby efforts to keep a neighborhood elementary school, day care and community centre located in an inner-city area of Thunder Bay open that had been slated for closure. Through her efforts, the decision was overturned ensuring that essential services to people in need continued. She also assists and leads a learn to run program for youth experiencing mental health challenges. The program began with six youth and in the past four years has expanded to the community and to over 60 athletes.

Charmaine has been a leader and mentor to members of the Thunder Bay Association of Volunteer Administrators (TBAVA) and on numerous occasions took a lead in lobbying to keep TBAVA alive, thriving and growing for the benefit of colleagues working in the profession.
Throughout her career she has been an active member of PAVR-O, CAVR, and TBAVA taking on leadership roles within these organizations. She is currently the Treasure/Registrar for TBAVA , a member of PAVR-O’s, Standardized Volunteer Opinion Survey Committee, and a mentor with PAVRO’s Mentor Program. She has held the position of President of TBAVA numerous times over the past 30 years and held positions on the (ODVH) Board of Directors, Ontario Directors of Volunteers Services in Health Care and the PAVRO - Board of Directors.
Charmain has demonstrated a commitment to education as a trainer for numerous workshops in the community and for TBAVA Members. She has also been organizing and making available the Volunteer Management Hybrid Conference for the past 3 years for TBAVA members and anyone interested in our community.

Charmain believes in providing excellent care and services that are inclusive to all and helps to build healthy empowered communities. Charmaine demonstrates respect to the clients and families she serves, her volunteers, her organization, her colleagues, community and our profession.

Past recipients of the Linda Buchanan Award

1991 Linda Buchanan 2004 Alison Caird 2017 Erin Spink
1992 Marg Warriner 2005 Joan Cox  2018 Lorraine McGrattan 
1993 Lorraine Pollock 2006 Syrelle Bernstein  2019  Kathy Magee
1994 Carissa Urquhart 2007 Not awarded  2020  Charmaine Cades
1995 Nan Einarson 2008 Emanuela Gennaccaro Ducharme    
1996 Magda Rigo 2009 Anna Grenier    
1997 Marilyn MacKenzie 2010 Karen Sacke    
1998 Anthea Hoare 2011 Elizabeth Straiton    
1999 Colin Thacker 2012 Lori Gotlieb    
2000 Carol Anne Clarke 2013 Faiza Venzant    
2001 Doug Miron 2014  Michael Fliess    
2002 Beth Schroeder 2015 Loretta Turpin     
2003 Andrea Cohen 2016 Kathleen Douglass    

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