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Managers of volunteers work in fast paced environments where we manage multiple tasks, responsibilities and challenges. Although there are many resources available to us, we don’t often have the individual support of experienced professionals in our field. In addition, managers of volunteers often work in one-person departments working with little support or understanding of their role from others within their organizations.

The PAVRO Mentor Program provides a unique opportunity to expand your learning by way of one-to-one support for individuals who are new to the profession and/or those who wish to further develop their skills or knowledge base. It is not intended to replace local communication groups or information portals on volunteer management issues or assist with a job search.

The guiding principles of the PAVRO Mentor Program are:

  • To provide the opportunity for knowledge sharing and consultation in a supportive environment
  • To foster meaningful mentor / mentee relationships
  • To encourage the contribution and sharing of expertise, insights and learning from experienced professionals in the field of volunteer management
  • To help build capacity and retention in the profession of volunteer management

Mentor partnerships will begin in January and finish in December.

For more detailed information please visit Program Timeline and How to become a Mentor or Mentee

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