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Question: Can I post a career ad without being a member?
Answer: Yes, we will email this to our members and it will remain on our site for 2-4 weeks. For more details send an email to entering 'Submitting A Career Ad' in the subject line.

Question: When is the Linda Buchanan award presented?
Answer: Typically, each year at Conference.

Question: How can I volunteer with PAVRO?
Answer: Check out our Volunteer Opportunities  page and complete an application form. Volunteering with PAVRO is a great way to develop or share your skills, expand your network and get credit towards certification!


Question: When is the PAVRO Membership year?
Answer: Memberships renew one year from the join/renewal date. 

Question: Can my membership be transferred to another person if I leave my organization?
Answer: Yes, if it was paid by the organization.

Question: Do members receive a discount with Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada(VMPC)?
Answer: Yes, PAVRO members are eligible to join VMPC for a discounted affiliate member fee of only $40.00.

Question: How does my Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada membership(VMPC) get activated?
Answer: Your invoice is forwarded to VMPC for activation.

Question: Does PAVRO offer credit cards as a payment option?
Answer: Effective July 1, 2022, only credit card payments will be accepted. Cheques are no longer accepted. 

Question: Does PAVRO refund membership fees?
Answer: Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds.


Question: Does PAVRO offer online training and presentations?
Answer: Yes, PAVRO holds Webinar's every 3 months.

Question: How much does it cost to attend a Webinar?
Answer: Webinar's are free to members. Webinar's that are available to non-members will state the price in the Webinar's details.

Question: When is the conference held?
Answer: The conference is held every May. The Annual General Meeting is held in June.

Question: Does PAVRO offer Conference bursaries for members who cannot afford the conference fee?
Answer: Yes, several professional bursaries are awarded every year.

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