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Mary Bean and Learn2

Mary Bean will be facilitating our virtual conference. She is a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) with a passion for innovation, impactful leadership and workplaces that explode with the power of engaged employees and stakeholders. Her more than 25 years of varied human resources and operations experience drives her desire to foster workplace cultures of trust, collaboration, celebration and change. Mary’s passion for volunteer engagement work has not only seen her strategies keep volunteers active and interested, she is an avid volunteer herself, and always available to share her knowledge and time. She is well known for her fast tempo, direct communication and bringing out the best in people. She is a skilled communicator, solutions finder and focused business and human resources strategist.                              

Communicating Naturally - October 1st (virtually, as a group and in break out rooms):  Building meaningful relationships and creating strong connections are the cornerstones to great volunteer engagement. Effective communication is at the centre of both.  In this opening session we will explore our natural communication approaches, learn more about others and find ways to quickly adapt our behaviour to connect effectively with others!  This interactive session will begin more than a week BEFORE conference and the impact will last long after conference wraps up!  You will be on your feet, learning, laughing, connecting and practicing every step of the way – you will be DOING as you learn and LEARN as you are doing!

Pulling it all together – That’s a Wrap! - October 8th (virtually, as a group): What better way to leave Conference than with a plan, an expanded network and a renewed connection to your work and each other! In this final session we will focus on what we have learned, make new commitments to ourselves (and each other) and use our new connections to bridge the gap to a new future for ourselves and our work! 

Be ready to bring it all together as we say goodbye to conference 2020, make plans to connect with each other in new ways and prepare to approach our work differently with a renewed purpose, plan and pathway to success.

View the Communicating Naturally session description in full. Learn more about the Learn2 Naturally Series


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