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May 6, 2021 11:00am – 1:30pm

The Covid-19 pandemic has required changes to routines and practices to keep volunteers, clients, and staff safe and healthy.  Some organizations have been able to shift programs to on-line delivery, others have not.  As vaccine roll-out continues, leader of volunteers are now shifting their focus to the day when they can welcome volunteers back in larger numbers to meet their organizations’ mission and vision.  On May 6 join Angele Poitras and Sue Boychuk as together they take us through the full spectrum of health and safety considerations to help everyone be safe at work. Their presentations will be followed by break-out sessions for deeper exploration into policies, concepts, and action items. Download the Health and Safety Presenter Profiles


 https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/1E5LQis14gKlxZUj7S4XUigDSI0kAnrtZPXRFmyjAWOtOaR3ozhR6QyKXcQUBj7q70hTYYm2wcwvGVmKGU8pbm96W_DbbCHprPgC63XCA4AVWlVcOBIsug8bQnBz0DYDxSeDc_c  Workplace Safety 101 in a ‘19’ World with Sue Boychuk, President, SueBoychuk.com

Sue Boychuk is widely recognized as an expert in workplace safety – especially for new, young, volunteers, and vulnerable workers. She brings over 30 years of extensive and diverse experience including practical workplace safety experience as a Ministry of Labour safety inspector, trainer, industrial safety specialist, manager, and prevention and policy expert to provide lively and practical information sessions to help everyone be safe at work.

Never in history has health and safety been a #1 topic around the world at dinner tables, schools, and in the workplace!  There are too many opinions, ideas, and habits gained from personal experiences.  In this session, we’ll cut back to basics (the law), pick up the pieces, and put the health and safety puzzle together in a practical way.

On May 6, Sue will help you understand:

  • COVID-19 and the Workplace:  what you need to know

  • Balancing the OHSA (safety law) and COVID “zone” regulations

  • Volunteers, workers, and the public under the Ontario workplace safety law

  • Protective measures:  PPE; PP for me?  When “social” health and safety habits meet the workplace

Angele Poitras CVRM:  It’s All About You and Caring:  Volunteers, Resiliency and Mental Health with Angele Poitras, Psychological Health & Safety Advisor, Workplace Safety North

A Psychological Health and Safety advisor and former CVA, Angele Poitras is community focused and is committed to volunteerism and those who have chosen Volunteer Leadership as a career.  Working with Workplace Safety North as a Community Engagement Specialist, Angele builds relationships in communities that as a passionate as she is to the WSN vision:  Every worker home safe and healthy.  In her world, that extends to “Neck Up” safety – mental health.

Join Angele for an engaging and lighthearted look at:

  • The mental health continuum:  where are you?

  • It’s okay to not be okay

  • Resilience:  how a “Prune” technique can help you build more

Take-aways from this session include:

  • Mental Health Continuum


  • Putting on Your Oxygen Mask First!

  • 15-minutes for you and your neck-up safety

  • Gratitude card


Kathleen DouglassHEALTH AND SAFETY TO WELCOME VOLUNTEERS ‘BACK TO WORK’ facilitator Kathleen Douglass
Kathleen is the founder of Douglass Leadership Group, providing training, consulting, and not-for-profit board leadership development.  Kathleen currently serves PAVRO as Past-President. Connect with Kathleen at linkedin.com/in/kathleen-douglass-965ba410.

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