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Facing the Reality of Leading Volunteers - Hosted by GoToWebinars

  • November 10, 2016
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • webinar

Linda Morgan, MA, HSDP, President of The Clic Effect Inc.
Linda is a consummate professional focused on tackling complex organizational issues head-on with a results-oriented focus! She is an expert in change management, leadership development, executive coaching, and employee engagement. She is a sought after speaker on the topic of complex change (most recently for HRPA, Your Workplace, CRALO and the Institute for Performance and Learning) and
also facilitates at the DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University. With over 15 years of human systems development experience across multiple industries, she brings clients a unique consultative approach: Curiosity, Learn, Inspire, Compassion: CLIC and everything fits into place!

Leading volunteers can often be a challenge, especially eliciting accountability and ownership for a group of people who are unpaid, and giving up their personal time. According to Statistics Canada, while almost 50% of Canadians volunteer their time, only a small proportion do most of the actual work, with 10% of those volunteers accounting for 53% total hours volunteered1 . With so few people dedicating more than 4 hours per week to volunteer, how do volunteer leaders build ownership and engagement into their volunteer base?

Join Linda Morgan, President of The Clic Effect Inc. to discuss key reasons why volunteers aren’t accountable, and how to change this. Using a 4 Framework Ecocycle Model, Linda will introduce a new approach to gaining buy-in into the vision, mission and strategy of your organization.

In this session we will discuss key reasons why volunteers aren’t accountable, and develop methodology on how to build ownership using the 4 Framework Ecocycle Model.

Free webinar information:

Topic: Facing the Reality of Leading Volunteers: How to Build Ownership and Accountability
Date: Thursday, November 10 at 1pm Eastern Time / 10am Pacific Time (one hour)
Cost: Free - Space is limited so register early to avoid disappointment.
Audience: All nonprofit professionals. Networking is an important part of career management regardless of whether or not you are currently employed in the sector.

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