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PAVRO memberships also include the following benefits: 

Annual Provincial Conference

Learn about new developments in the field of volunteer management, share best practices or new ideas, meet key achievers in the field, and network with others who are looking to share and collect information. The annual conference, with keynote speakers, educational sessions and focused workshops will provide you with insight to the most recent and cutting-edge information and ideas in our profession as you mix and mingle during social activities with colleagues and build your professional peer network throughout the province. If you choose to present a workshop at conference, you will be able to highlight your talents and experiences as you share your subject matter expertise with other volunteer engagement professionals. As a PAVRO member, you will also receive the member discount ($150 - $200 approximate value) and apply for conference bursaries, which all contribute to considerable savings for your employer.

CVRM Re-Certification (Available only to current holders of the Certified in Volunteer Records Management Certification)

Certification distinguishes you within the field as you take charge of your career with an enhanced resume, specialized training in your field and an excellent credential to enhance employment opportunities in the field of volunteer engagement. Only a PAVRO membership allows you to enroll in our high value , low cost, CVRM certification program, recognized by selective employers as a prestigious designation and is now a requested prerequisite in many of our career ads.

Mentor Program

As a member who is either new to the field or striving to further develop your skills or enhance your volunteer programs, you can take advantage of our Mentor program. You will gain access to experts in our field in a one-on-one relationship with an experienced professional who can help you develop skills and reach your professional goals or work through challenges/learning curves in your position. As a seasoned member in the field you can volunteer as a Mentor – what a great opportunity to give back and build new leadership skills! Only PAVRO members can participate in the PAVRO Mentor program.

Professional Development

Your membership gives you access to free member-only WEBINAR SERIES, professional development bursaries, access to the National Occupational Standards for Managers of Volunteer Resources and sector-specific resources (Standardized Volunteer Opinion Survey, Healthcare Benchmarking report, etc.). This information, as well as the opportunity to discuss your own personal growth with peers in your field and to learn about relevant issues, changes and practices in the field of volunteer management, will keep your education current and your program fresh with new ideas to integrate and opportunities to brainstorm problems/challenges in your work. List your affiliation with the PAVRO association on your resume!


Refine your own leadership skills by learning and exchanging information with other professionals in the field as you keep current on the cutting edge of volunteer engagement practices. Your membership permits you opportunities to participate and benefit from ground-breaking PAVRO research such as our Salary Survey and Screening Tools Survey. You will also have the option to serve on a PAVRO committee or the Board of Directors to further develop your understanding of governance, meeting management and strategic planning, which can only contribute to a broader knowledge of the not-for-profit and voluntary sector and make you stand out amongst your peers.


Many events and discussion groups allow you to interact with your peers as you build a strong professional network and possibly, friendships with colleagues and other leaders in the field. Share ideas and challenges or ask for advice as you learn by staying connected and current with like-minded people. Through monthly PAVRO communications and a membership directory, which is a great resource for people just like you, PAVRO provides an opportunity for leaders to be on top of contemporary issues and trends.


As a professional association, PAVRO has the combined resources and influence to advocate on behalf of volunteer engagement issues. You can take pride in being a member of a provincial association that advocates for and supports the advancement of your profession and reconfirms the importance of our roles as “PROFESSIONALS” in our field. Your membership gives you access to PAVRO advocacy initiatives and resources such as development of a consistent province-wide college curriculum and participation on the police-check task force.

Discounted Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada (VMPC) membership
Active PAVRO members can access a reduction of the Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada (VMPC) membership.  To access this discount, apply directly to VMPC and select "member of an Affiliate Association" to purchase or renew your affiliate VMPC membership. 

Free Mobile App with Wild Apricot

Find all your important emails, event confirmations and member directory at your fingertips with the Wild Apricot Mobile App! 


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    • View your organization’s entire member directory
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Personal Profile
    • View your personal profile, including your membership renewal date

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