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FAQ re: Certification and Partnership with CCVA

1. Why is PAVRO proposing that we partner with the CCVA? Facilitating and advocating for our members to be professionally certified is a key pillar of our mission as a professional association. PAVRO has offered a certification program (the CVRM) to members since 2000. PAVRO's certification program was one of many in Canada, developed and implemented in the absence of an international certification program. Interest in PAVRO’s certification and recertification has waned in recent years while the number of holders of the International Certification in Volunteer Administration (CVA) has grown quite rapidly in Ontario over that same time. The situation called for a strategic review and in 2021 we held a town hall and follow-up survey, the results of which can be viewed here

2. What is the CCVA? The Council for Certification in Administration (CCVA) offers an internationally recognized credential, and is a member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence. Read more about the CCVA here

3. What is the CVA? CVA stands for Certified in Volunteer Administration. As per the CVA Handbook, the CVA is an international professional certification in the field of volunteer resources management. Sponsored by the CCVA, this credential recognizes practitioners who meet specified standards as measured through an examination developed by their peers. Successful candidates who earn the credential may use the designation ‘CVA.’ The credential is intended for those with a strong foundation in Volunteer Administration; it is a self-study program that measures an individual’s “knowledge-in-use” —the application of knowledge and skills as documented by a current competency framework. The CCVA periodically conducts a Job Analysis study to ensure the body of knowledge remains current and relevant. Validated by hundreds of practitioners throughout the US, Canada and other countries, the 2014 Job Analysis confirmed the seven competencies necessary to develop, support and sustain volunteer involvement. In fact, Canada’s National Occupational Standards for Managers of Volunteer Resources were consulted in the development of the CVA competencies.

4. What are the key differences between the CVRM and the CVA? 



Three essays; adjudicated by PAVRO’s Certification Committee

Multiple choice exam

Must be a PAVRO member

Administered by the CCVA

Min. 3 years experience

Min. 3 years experience

Eligibility requirements: Min. 35 hours of professional development

Min. of 30% of applicants role related to volunteer engagement; does not need to be a paid role

Eligibility requirements: Recent, documented leadership contribution

Letter of recommendation

$130 CDN to certify

$350 US to certify (non-member rate)


Must renew every 3 years (PDUs and/or essay)

Must renew every 5 years (essay required plus PDUs)

Recognized in Ontario only

 Internationally recognized


5. I hold the CVRM designation. What will happen to my CVRM Certification? Members clearly spoke out about the value they place on their CVRM Credential. If you are interested in maintaining your certification, our current Certification Committee is willing to continue to adjudicate recertifications only. Or you can take advantage of the limited time opportunity to write your CVA exam at a greatly reduced price (see next question). Current CVRM holders will also be able to forgo the usual CVA application process and just pay for the exam. 

6. I’m thinking about writing my CVA exam. Why should I do it in the next year and a half through PAVRO? As part of our transition to partnering with the CCVA in offering the exam to our members, the CCVA is offering all PAVRO members in good standing a time-limited opportunity to write the exam for $200 USD for the next three sessions of the exam, starting in October 2022 (followed by April and October 2023). The regular rate is $350 USD and the partner rate is $315 USD. After the October 2023 exam session, the exam rate for PAVRO members will revert to the usual partner rate of $315 USD. 

7. Why should I get certified? Certification can improve your career opportunities and advancement, demonstrates your high-level commitment to the field of volunteer administration and strengthens our profession’s image. Check out the Top 10 Reasons to Consider CVA Certification.
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