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We are very pleased to have been granted permission to share an excellent series of webinars with our PAVRO members that were created for Ontario Presents by Donna Lockhart, The RETHINK Group, in 2015. This series of webinars was designed for the learner who wants to know some best practices, some tips and some strategies for the three “R’s” - Recruitment, Retention and Recognition. 

The first webinar is entitled: Recruitment of Volunteers: “Is it more than just asking?”. Here is the link

The second webinar is entitled: Retention of Volunteers: “A Return on Investment (ROI) Approach”. Here is the link.

The last webinar in the series is entitled: Volunteer Recognition “Putting a New Spin on certificates, mugs and 5 year pins”. Here is the link.

Donna Lockhart will be recording 4 new webinars this Spring for Ontario Presents. We are very excited to have been granted permission to share these webinars with PAVRO members when they are available. The topics are: Engaging Youth; Volunteer Burnout; and a 2 part series on Strategic Planning. 

Watch for further information about these upcoming webinars! 

Nancy Brouillard - Director, Professional Development