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Standardized Volunteer Opinion Survey (SVOS) for the Hospital/Healthcare Sector

Available in French or English.

Information you need to achieve a successful Volunteer Program:

  • Comprehensive feedback from your volunteers
  • Quality data to guide your strategic planning, outcomes based measurements, program initiatives & align with Bill 46
  • A forum for benchmarking and identifying best practices
PAVRO is pleased to offer a STANDARDIZED VOLUNTEER OPINION SURVEY tool that will give you this information and more...

The survey offers a well-researched and designed tool that addresses key dimensions for a successful volunteer program. The Survey Package includes:

  • A Software Tool that consists of 42 questions with the following seven themes: volunteer experience, orientation, recognition, volunteer impact, teamwork, patient safety and general safety.
  • The survey is managed by PAVRO. Analysis is completed by an independent consulting firm that specializes in quality improvement and survey analysis.
  • A Report will be provided identifying each organization’s program strengths and areas of growth, and highlighting high performers within each theme. This will in turn, allow organizations to identify best practices and develop improvement initiatives.

Cost for the survey package for PAVRO members is $2.00 per participating volunteer, minimum of $275.00 - maximum of $1,500 (plus a nominal fee for hard copy entries completed by PAVRO on behalf of organizations).  For non-members, an additional fee will apply. Please contact pavro@pavro.on.ca for details.

Survey Registration: September 2019, Survey Launch: November 2019

If you would like more information about the SVOS, or are interested in participating, please contact: pavro@pavro.on.ca.

Interested in bringing the SVOS to your sector? We want to hear from you! For future survey consideration and development, please contact SVOS Lead Lee Jones at leejones@gto.net or pavro@pavro.on.ca and let us know which sector you work in.

See what one PAVRO member says about her experience using the SVOS. 

Acknowledgement: This survey and initiative was developed by C. Burych, A. Caird, J. Fine-Schwebel, M. Fliess and H. Hardie

SVOS Flyer

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