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How to become a Mentor or Mentee

One of the advantages that PAVRO can provide in offering a mentor program is the ability to connect with the expertise and experience of a strong core of members from across the province.  

As a mentee you can:
  • Increase confidence and ability to perform your role
  • Develop additional skills and knowledge
  • Benefit from personalized, one-on-one support from an experienced professional
  • Develop breadth and depth of skills
  • Broaden your network and reduce isolation
  • Clarify future goals

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    As a mentor you can:
    • Engage in and give back to your professional community
    • Further develop your leadership and coaching skills in supporting others
    • Support and guide a colleague
    • Realize personal satisfaction through sharing knowledge, skills and experience
    • Raise your profile within your organization
    • Build your resume even more
    • Use 10 points (to a maximum of 20) toward leadership if you are looking to become certified
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      All of the participants who have successfully completed their partnerships have recommended the program. Read some of the mentee and mentor testimonials.


      There are many factors that contribute to a positive mentor/mentee relationship.  We ask that you consider the following before applying for the mentor program.

          • You have a specific skill or goal you want to accomplish. We recommend a maximum of 2 development goals    
          • You are able to commit to a full year of professional development (January – December
          • You are able to commit to a minimum of four hours per month.  The mentor and mentee will determine frequency, method and duration
          • You will commit to being prepared for each meeting.
          • You have the support from your employer to participate in the mentor program including time required during work hours and long distance phone calls. (PAVRO is not able to provide financial assistance for any expenses associated with this program)
          • You will complete a program evaluation

      Selection Criteria

      Each application will be assessed on an individual basis to ensure the applicant’s goals align with the goals of the mentor program. For applicants where the management of volunteers is a percentage of their role / responsibilities, there must be a demonstrated commitment to meeting the Mentor Program requirements. Mentors and mentees must have the support from their employers / supervisors to commit to the program particularly if the partners will be scheduling meetings during business hours.

        • Compatibility between the mentees learning goals and the mentors expertise
        • Similarities in the types of organizations where the partners work or have worked
        • Skills, experiences and learning objective
        • Geographic location
        • Time availability



                Please complete the application by December 1st, 2020

                 Applications now closed. 


                Returning Mentors:  If you have been a mentor in the past and would like to be considered for a mentor position for 2021, please email pavro@pavro.on.ca

                New Mentors:  If you are considering become a mentor for the first time, please complete the application by December 1st, 2020

              Applications now closed. 

      Committee Member

               Are you interested in becoming a  Mentor Program committee member? 

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