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FYI - The Synergize Collaboration in action 2019 conference was SOLD OUT by April 1st so don't miss out in 2020! 

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May 14th and 15th at Centennial College in Toronto

Synergize - collaboration in action Conference Evaluation Results

Overall, you told us that you really liked it and enjoyed yourself! Giving conference a rating of 4.25 stars

We received great suggestions for small improvements for next year, but overall, delegates were quite satisfied, to very satisfied.

The Sessions

  • 80% approval rating Rob Jackson, our keynote speaker (people found him very knowledgeable, interesting and funny
  • 80% approval ratings for all but a few workshops with some suggestions on how to improve the selection process
  • The Panel Discussion received just below 60% - people loved the topic, but had suggestions for improving the format

Who were the delegates?

  • Nearly 70% were from middle management roles
  • Nearly half were experienced with over 15 years’ in the field,  the rest were split 50/50 between 0-5 yrs and 6-14 years.
  • Most delegates attended for the professional development


  • I had a wonderful time, and am going home with many ideas and challenges swirling in my head! I look forward to next year!
  •   it was very well organized, impressive speakers and workshops
  • timing of all the workshops is excellent, allowing for lots of downtime to rest in between sessions  - networking: it's great to meet like-minded people from the same profession
  •  4.5 stars :)  Well organized.   Good information for the most part. Great keynote. 3 of the 4 sessions I attended were great, the other was so-so.  
  •  Great conference.  I was impressed with the breakout workshops on the Wednesday and Thursday.  Great opportunities to network.  Lowlights - sitting through the AGM's for the organizations that we were not a part of - maybe find another time to do those (not at lunchtime for everyone) – many people commented on this
  • Very well organized, so many different organizations represented, lots of great networking opportunities. Great workshop selection and social activities!
  •  had an amazing time. …   The location was fantastic…great venue.... It was a little costly … but it was a beautiful spot, nonetheless. I REALLY loved the inclusion of the volunteer centres
  • Nice combination of workshops and large group sessions  schedule was really good.  the food and snacks and timing of all of this was good  Nice to have an opportunity to see some of Ottawa as well

 Key Suggestions Indicative of the Overall Evaluation

  •  A paper copy of the schedule in the giveaway bag would have been helpful with workshop room assignments included, provided at registration pick-up on day 1.
  • Really invest and vet speakers - are they engaging, fun and most importantly to me, are they on trend and have insights I don't currently already have?
  • There was some confusion with session registration…some disappeared / reappeared / were listed in some places but not others. But organizing committee did an amazing job. 
  •  There were a lot of representatives of health care there (myself included) - it would have been great to have an opportunity to gather with all of them. Perhaps a session related to health-care with opportunities to network within?? Or an evening activity??
  • … each workshop summary could have a recommendation [with suggested target audience] … For example: This workshop would be ideal for those who manage: events, periodical volunteers, students, etc.  
  •  I really wish conferences would host workshops that were advanced and/or intermediate level – great point, since majority of attendees were very experienced, would work very well with suggestion above
  • Would be nice to have a printed or virtual conference agenda A list of participants beforehand (so we can pre-connect) would have been very helpful.
  •  … wondering if the application could include a section to include a "burning topic/question" as a requirement for a completed application. ... ensures that we are all thinking of those things coming IN to the conference, and prepared to talk about it.
  • …for the panel discussion, it would have been more engaging to have them in front of the table, or on a couch
  • with the panel, each presentation was interesting, but to have used technology to generate more interaction the audience would have been betteray, May 14


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