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LIVE 2017

Wednesday, June 21 Session #1 

The Connected Volunteer - Lynda Watson

Are we there yet? Time and Money Well Spent! - Susan Boychuck

Developing an Ethical Board - Michael Sharp

Balancing on Tippy Toes - Pamela AlleyneTracey 

Wednesday, June 21 Session #2 

Where's the Logic in Logic Models - Kelly McShane

Communicate to Connect - Sarah M. Kipp 

Energize Your Work and Life - Anne Comer

Wednesday, June 21 Session #3 

Building a Committed and Engaged Events-Based Volunteer Team - Justin Ingraldi

Stop Your Knowledge Walking out the Door - Julie Begbie 

Changes, Turn and Face the World - Tom Honey

Having Difficult Conversations - Carolyn Clubine 

Thursday, June 22 Keynote Speaker

Bruce MacDonald,  President and CEO, Imagine Canada

Thursday, June 22 Session #4 

Focused Fundraising - Cynthia Armour

Infographics for Effective Knowledge Transfer - Simone D. Holligan

Apps for Admins - Emily Fleming

Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life - Darryl Culley 

Thursday, June 22 Session #5 

Recruiting, Promoting and Retaining - Suzanne Clark

Board Governance in the Not-For-Profit Sector - Anna Naud 

Developing a Logic Model - Siu Mee Cheng

Communicate with Style - Lori Lane – Murphy 

Thursday, June 22 Session #6 

When Volunteer Engagement is only One of Your Roles - Charity Savant

Strengthen Your Core - Arnie Wohlgemut 

Plan to Protect - Melodie Bissell

Find Your Tribe and Answer Your Calling - Tim Fraser

The Mirror and The Looking Glass - Bruce MacDonald

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