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The top three reasons people volunteer are to make a contribution to their community, to make use of personal skills and experiences and to support a cause they have been personally affected by.

If you would like to get involved with your professional association here are some excellent opportunities. Click on the link to get the full Position Description. Some of the positions are short-term and there are others you can really sink your teeth into!

To apply for a Board of Directors or Committee position, please complete the Board of Directors and Committee application.

Board Positions


Represents the organization; works with the Board and the membership to further the goals and mission of the organization.
Past President

Ensures continuity during governance transitions and organizational change, helps ensure the appropriate succession of Directors and supports the President in his/her role.
Vice President

Assists the President in the general management of the affairs and operations of PAVRO; oversees the effective management of the organization's infrastructure.
Director of Volunteer Engagement

Provides an ongoing review of current PAVRO volunteer management practices to ensure we are meeting and exceeding best practices in all aspects of the volunteer cycle and to ensure we offer a range of meaningful opportunities for volunteers in the work of the organization.
Director of Member Engagement

Oversees the membership recruitment and renewal and ensures that the value of a PAVRO membership is consistently high and reflects the needs of members and the profession.
Director of Professional Development

Provides guidance for the development and implementation of the organization's Professional Development activities (Webinar's and workshops), Mentorship program and Certification process.
Director of Member Services

Provides leadership and planning in areas of program management including the Satisfaction Volunteer Opinion Survey as well as the AVA Liaison.
Director of Communications

Ensures that on-going communication with our members are regular, consistent, and informative and that the information on the website is accurate, up to date and of high quality.
Director of Marketing and Public Outreach

Oversees the development and implementation of all PAVRO marketing initiatives in order to attract members and and raise the profile of the organization and it's products.


Ensures that PAVRO remains fiscally responsible and viable; informs and advises the Board on matters pertaining to finances.

Supports the board by documenting action items and distributing minutes and agenda to fellow members.
Director of Acquisition

To identify ways to increase membership in  and coordinate, manage, track and evaluate all membership activities for new members
Director of Strategic Partnerships

To promote the mission and vision of PAVRO while developing relevant and meaningful partnerships that will advance the work of PAVRO and promote volunteer engagement.

Other Ways To Be Involved With PAVRO

Bursary Committee Member
Assist with bursary selection.
Membership Committee Member
Assist in growing the membership base and investigating new ways to serve members.
Communications Committee Member
Contribute to our monthly newsletter, social media and member communications.
Mentor Program Committee Member
To ensure the long term sustainability of the program, assist with recruitment, the application and screening process, training, support and program evaluation.
Survey Committee Member
Review & update survey, prepare budget and promote SVOS.

Conference Committee Chair
The role of the Conference Committee Chair is to oversee the activities of the Conference Committee, to ensure the objectives of the conference as established by the Conference Committee are met, and to serve as liaison for the Board of Directors.

Conference Committee Marketing and Communication
The role of the Marketing and Communications position for Conference is to oversee the implementation of all Conference marketing initiatives in order to attract registrants for Conference as well as communicate Conference materials

Conference Committee Workshop Session Position
The role of the Workshop Session position for Conference is to ensure that a well-balanced, high quality program is organized and presented at Conference.

Conference Committee Hospitality and Social Planning Member

The role of the Hospitality and Social Planning position for Conference is to manage and maintain the events, celebrations and socials for the Conference.