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PAVRO Certification Application

Certificate in Volunteer Resource Management

Are you interested in Certification? Are you thinking this maybe the year to get certified and get it off your to-do list? The Certification package is now available.  To be presented at conference with your certification, submission must be completed by January 15th.  Hope you will consider it.


To apply for certification you must be a current member of PAVRO in good standing and have a minimum of three years experience in professional volunteer engagement (paid or unpaid).

Certification Fees

The initial cost to certify is $130 + $16.90 (HST).  Re-certification is required every three years at a cost of $50 + $6.50 (HST).


Download the PAVRO Certification package or PAVRO Re-Certification package Complete the application form contained within the package you have downloaded. Print and mail the completed certification application, any required documentation, and a cheque payable to PAVRO for the required certification fee to:


58 Steamer Dr

Whitby, ON

L1N 9X3