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Bruce MacDonald, June 22 Keynote Speaker

President & CEO
Imagine Canada

Who would have thought that operating carnival games and rides would lead to a career in the voluntary sector? Nobody, really. Well – over 30 years later, Bruce is still at it. After an upbringing in Hamilton, Ontario that consisted of bumper cars, the round up and the bomber game, Bruce decided to embark on a career in sport management.  

Bruce headed to Northern Ontario's Laurentian University to earn a Bachelor of Commerce in Sports Administration. He became the Provincial Coordinator of the Ontario Senior Games, a multi-sport program for adults 55 plus. Reporting to a board of older adult volunteers (still calling..) Bruce got his first real taste of corporate sponsorship work.

From having served as CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada for ten years and prior to that as the organization’s Vice-President of Marketing, Bruce has led major change initiatives and developed long and innovative partnerships with corporations and other charities. A wide and varied career, working with different parts of the sector has lead him to Imagine Canada – working with young people, older adults, sports and recreation and community service clubs.

Of course, education and work are only part of the story. The real story is written with wife Heather and their three girls, Maggie and the twins, Erin and Kathleen.

Oh ya. He still likes hanging out at carnivals and organizing sports!