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Mentor Program Timeline

Activity Timeline
Marketing / Recruitment July - mid August
Application deadline
June 30th
Review and assess completed applications
Mid-end August
Committee member confirms program acceptance with applicants Early September
Mentor Program Orientation

The orientation provides an initial opportunity to meet your partner and your Committee Advisor and to review the program goals and guidelines. You may participate by teleconference if you are unable to meet in person. Your Committee Advisor will be in touch with you and your partner to arrange the orientation.
Mid-end September
Getting to know each other / settling into the partnership
September / October
Refining learning goals
Check-in from Committee Advisor
October / November and throughout partnership
Program Evaluation

Participants must submit a final program evaluation (on-line evaluation)
May / June
Closure of Mentor Partnerships
June 30th
Committee review of evaluations / program planning and preparation for new group